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7 Reasons why we should support small businesses

1. They are passionate, genuine and original

All small businesses must have a starting point, and this is where originality comes into play. They want to showcase their creativity with handmade products made just for you. It begins as a small idea and then slowly develops into something big. This isn't always easy, and can become a trial-and-error situation until finding something that works.

Real passion is needed due to big competition and becoming recognised. Sometimes things don't always go to plan, and a business might take a blow. However, with hard work and dedication, they are sure to bloom into something special.

2. They work for a living, and for their families

Small businesses don't get normal monthly salaries like most of us do. In good times, they can provide their family with a great feast and treat their loved ones to something nice. In bad times, they can struggle to feed their families and must prioritise things like bills and rent.

This can seem like a daunting situation when the business is first started, and many new business owners typically have another job on the side as extra support in case things do go the other way.

3. They are optimistic and enthusiastic

Often they will go the extra mile to get things done for customers. They don't limit themselves to the potential that the services can provide and they see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be.

Putting effort into something big like starting a new business includes lots of hard work, especially when it comes to figuring out how to use all the hours in a day efficiently. They want to provide all the best quality for their customers, and are more than happy to give a helping hand at resolving any issues.

4. They are creators

They are artisans of their own craft and designers of their work, constantly seeking perfection and always aim to be better than yesterday. They stay true to their work and maintain quality without losing touch with their vision. They don't mass-produce goods, seeking low-cost substitutes and ingredients to make for their products.

They create unique goods for you, such as limited edition products and exclusive designs. Many small business creators make a single individual item. Try thinking of it as the 'Mona Lisa'. There is only one in the world, and you can't find another identical copy.

5. They are human

Globalisation may not be always the best thing and can lead to people losing touch with what's real: The true connection between people, communication, and services on a personal level, Just like me and you.

As the years go by, we are seeing more and more big giant brands and worldwide chains being built and advertised. This can hinder the quality and communication as oftentimes the more well-known the business/brand is, the more they prefer quantity over quality. Most big companies also tend to use AI (Artificial intelligence) or automatically generated messages when a customer needs to inquire about something. Often, this can cause confusion and result in a lack of help. However, small businesses like to put their customer services first and sort any issues out themselves.

6. They provide community support

Not only do they offer personalised goods and excellent communication skills, but they also help contribute to the community. They often outsource skills and buy raw materials from other local shops, keeping business booming within the local region. These smaller-sized businesses help to create and sustain new jobs. The support from the community means a great deal to small-business owners, and they typically enjoy returning the favour of any kind such as services or participating in any project to show their appreciation.

Coming together to spend your money at a local business shows that you appreciate the genuine things they’re doing for you and the services that they provide. The support of the community works both ways when it comes to buying from and owning a small business.

7. They are sustainable

Unlike mass-produced products, the goods you get from small businesses are likely to be way more sustainable. This is better for the planet and promotes a more environmentally-friendly future. It also sends a positive message to buyers and other businesses and helps elevate the brand. Most small businesses tend to use eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and/or get their resources from sustainable sources.

They also like to keep waste at a minimum and do the best they can at making use of what is left. Moreover, small businesses can be more flexible when it comes to their employees, and create a friendlier, less stressful atmosphere to work in.

Choose Small Business

So, let's help and support small businesses together! Let us know your favourite smaller brands in the comment section, and don't forget share this blog so your friends and family can help acknowledge lesser-known businesses. :)


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