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National BBQ Week

Get ready to grill!

In 2022, National Barbecue Week runs from 4 to 10 July. It's a perfect time to celebrate summer with friends and family and is also a chance to get creative with your grill skill. As the weather keeps growing warmer, it's time to whip out and dust your grill that's been hiding in the shed and enjoy the tradition of BBQ week!

Don't forget the veggies!

Head to your nearest store and stack up on some veggies such as bell peppers, onions, courgette, corn on the cob, mushrooms, and whatever else you find tasty! Not only does this option participate in your 5-a-day, it also adds flavour and texture. If you're a veggie or vegan, why not grill up some tofu? It's a fan favourite when it comes to meat substitutes, and tastes even better in a barbecue.

Other countries

Despite Australia, USA, and the UK being three of the most prevalent BBQ countries, they're not the only ones cranking up the fire. Down below, we have compiled a small list of popular BBQ dishes in a more broader sense when it comes to barbecuing.

  • Tandoor, India A skewered, marinated meat cooked in a 'clay oven' at extremely high temperatures.

  • Shish kebab, Turkey One of the most well-known barbecue treats, where mainly chunks of lamb meat on a skewer are grilled along with optional veggies.

  • Char Siu, China A mainstay of Cantonese cuisine, the name, which literally translates to “pork roast”, derives from its cooking technique: Searing pork seasoned with five-spice powder, honey, fermented bean curd, and other seasonings on long forks, then cooking them over a fire or in a covered oven.

  • Yakitori, Japan Bamboo skewers are loaded up with chicken, grilled over white charcoal (burning at a longer and lower temperature), and often served with alcohol.

  • Bulgogi, Korea Consisting of thinly sliced beef marinated with sesame, scallions, soy sauce, and occasionally pear, bulgogi is served alongside fresh vegetables and herbs.

What's your favourite way of enjoying a barbecue? Let us know in the comments!


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