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National Vegetarian Week

Updated: May 3, 2022

Do you think you could go meat free for a week? Maybe a month? How about a whole year? Changing to a vegetarian lifestyle can seem a little daunting, but there are many positive factors as well as having so many veggie options to choose from in different stores. From meat substitutes like soy based protein such as tofu to complete vegetable dishes like chickpea curry and all kinds of soup; the possibilities are endless!


Vegetarianism can include many health benefits, such as reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. However, some vegetarians rely too heavily on processed foods, which can be high in calories, sugar, fat and sodium. To plan a more healthier lifestyle, having a schedule can be both beneficial to your wellbeing and help you feel more organised when it comes to planning meals in advance. There are also tonnes of recipe books available online and in your local book shop.

Our climate

Did you know that eating a vegetarian diet is one of the best things you can do to stop climate change? Here are some sustainable practices that it can help our world, according to Vegetarian Society

  • Eating a veggie diet means 2.5 x less carbon emissions than a meat diet.

  • By going veggie for a year, you could save the same amount of emissions as a family taking a small car off the road for 6 months.

Vegetarian/Vegan brands

If you are struggling to find time to cook from scratch or even just want a tasty ready-made veggie meal, you're in luck! Here are some well-known brands that are completely meat free:

  • Beyond Meat

  • Vivera

  • Quorn

  • THIS

  • Gosh!

  • VBites

  • And many more!

Most of these are perfect for a delicious simple Bolognese or Casserole, or even just as a tasty snack! However, they can be pretty costly and sometimes be of similar price as actual meat.

The starting journey of vegetarianism (Even if it's just for a short time)

  • You are not alone, there are many people joining in this coming National Vegetarian Week from the 16th - 22nd May 2022.

  • Ask your friends and family to join you in this journey even if it's just for a meal. It is always more enjoyable when you have company.

  • When you take out meat protein options, it actually helps you to explore more veggie choices and be more creative in cooking.

Saving money

By switching over to the veggie side, it turns out that you can actually save quite a bit of money. In fact, a recent survey by Savoo found that in 2018 people in the UK saved more than £2.8 billion by cutting down on meat, and those who reduced saved an average of £209 each over the last year.

Animal Welfare

Another reason for starting a vegetarian journey is that it can help you gain a more ethical understanding and approach to what you eat. Not only can it make a positive impact on your body and mind, it can also make a huge difference to the lives of factory-farmed animals.

We want to know, how did you do it? How long have you done it or have you just started to experience vegetarian ways? We are curious, email us your story or journey!


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