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Our Story

Who we are

At 8pron we pride ourselves in supporting smaller businesses, communities and providers. As the food industry is constantly growing and developing, we aim to be a helping hand to those who have a passion in food to pour their love into delicious, home-cooked cuisines for everyone to enjoy.

Our backstory

8pron initially started as an idea back in 2015 by our founder, David Tan. This was when the online marketplace was growing exponentially, especially in the area of food delivery, just a few years after big companies like Uber Eats and Deliveroo were launched. The inspiration for this project actually came from Airbnb and its business model, where David worked as a host at the time, and how user-friendly and accessible the interface was.

Believing anyone could cook, David began to conceptualise 8pron as a fun new project to those interested in selling and buying homemade meals via the online marketplace. Moreover, he grew up in a household where food played a big part in his life and continues to do so. His parents worked in a restaurant as chefs and since hiring a nanny was costly, bringing children to the workplace was normal. David's grandparents also happened to be chefs, so it is safe to say that cooking runs in the family!

Our goal

Our mission is to support small foodie businesses and communities. 8pron provides a wide range of support to buyers and sellers alike. We have free online tools to boost our client’s competitive advantage and give them a better online presence in the digital market. There’s no need to have the technical knowledge and spend hundreds or thousands hiring someone to develop and maintain the website or app as they can be highly costly for smaller businesses.

8pron can support business owners and managers in these areas, and they can focus on doing what they love: cooking and serving customers. We aim to help and solve customer problems, including both buyers and sellers, and will make 8pron a solution pit stop for all small food businesses. It is a perfect place to get a head start if you’re new to owning a food business, or even to just help with growing your current one.

From us to you

The 8pron project is always super exciting to all of us here because we think it has a lot of potential and possibilities that it can offer, like how food brings people together, whether it be cooking with your friends and family or just enjoying a meal out. 8pron is constantly improving with new plans and written projects to draw up the milestones of achieving the dreams and objectives together as a team. With the support from the community, we can boost the speed, take it to the next level by improving functionality and operations, and add in more features to support our small businesses and communities. From all of us to you, we'd like to thank you for choosing 8pron!

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