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Say Soy!

You would find soy anywhere, in tofu, beverages, soy sauce, dipping sauce, and many others. It is an extremely versatile ingredient; it offers many culinary attributes, health benefits, and affordability.

What is it?

So, what exactly is soy? It is a short terminology for soya or soybeans. They are edible beans and part of the pea family. Many of us never actually see them fresh before. They are always processed and available to us in different forms, such as soy lattes. Of course, there are so many more choices!


Although common in most stores, drinks, and foods, soy is not among the top 10 most popular foods in the world. First place is, of course, won by wheat and second place is rice. However, soy would win Ms. congeniality's crown without question! She is the world's most versatile raw plant-based ingredient. Unlike most plants, soy has the most complete protein, which contains all essential amino acids. Soy foods also fit into many current food trends, building on the popularity of world cuisines, and the rise of plant protein.

Bring on the plants!

Soy is not a stranger to most parts of the world, and she is still blooming! Despite not winning the Ms. popularity contest, she will continue winning people's hearts, not only as the trendiest but also the most sought-after plant-based protein.

Tell us your favourite soy recipes, foods and drinks in the comments!

We do love our Ms. Soy :)


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