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Where is my verification email (new sign-up user)

If you are here, we are sorry that you experienced it.

There are some cases of new signed up users not receiving the verification email from the system.

Before we go too much into detail as below - Please action these steps first

  • Look for 8pron email(s), also check under spam/junk.

  • Resend verification from your sign up page (If you haven't closed), Or ask the 8pron team to resend.

Still not receiving?

Further options:

  • To use another email address, ideally not a Microsoft one.

  • Add all 8pron's emails as safelist/whitelist under your email account. (See note A )

  • Please repeat the initial steps (check under junk/spam > resend verification)


It looks like John Doe ( is using a Hotmail email. Hotmail is known for its extreme spam filters and for being quite restricting when it comes to delivering emails from outside of its network. So it can happen that, indeed, most messages did not land in John's inbox.

Actioned and Resolved!

We hope this will help. Let us know if we can do anything else for you!

If above all steps are unable to resolve this - Please contact us or send us an email


Note A:

How to add emails to safelist/whitelist (Learn More)

8pron's emails to be included:






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