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Creator Handbook - Food

Updated: May 21, 2022

A guide for cooks, food sellers & provider

It's pretty easy to set up an account with 8pron. Let's share some tips and recommendations from experts that can be valuable in building and strengthening your business.

Tell us more about yourself

A real and living profile makes it easier to build trust. So don't hesitate to upload a profile picture. Give us an insight into your passion and share your story with us.

  • Update “profile” information.

  • Click + Create a listing and choose a suitable category.

  • Upload pictures. Use landscape for best results. (Guide for image or video )

  • Update Payments.

  • Create a unique Username & URL Link under Profile info.

And your work is done! Now you can share the link anywhere, including Facebook and Instagram.

Check out a few examples profile and listings.

Check and Register with Local Authority

If you intend to run a business, it's vital to check and register with your local authority, regulation, and legislation and fulfil all the applicable requirements.

If you haven't done this yet, start from here and apply for food business registration. It's absolutely FREE and EASY Learn More.

Currently, 8pron is available for operation in the UK only. We hope to expand our reach in the future. Make sure that you check with your local authority to know more about the requirements, licensing, and hygiene training.

Food Packaging and Labelling

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what you can include –

1. Preparation date

2. Expiry/ best before date

3. Cooking/ heating instructions

4. Ingredients

5. Allergen(s)

You can add this information in writing or printed form, and you can also add it as a sticker on the packaging. It is also a great idea to double-check with the buyer.

Food allergen label

It's vital that the labelling of food or product is clear so that customers know exactly what's suitable for them.

It's also crucial that the allergen information is available in written form between placing the order and then taking delivery. All users should check with each other about allergies and other health conditions in writing.

Click here for Label example

When you received an order request

This is exciting! However, before you "accept request", ensure that you communicate with the buyer, write on the chatbox and send a reply. This will help you build a relationship with the buyer, and it will also help you prepare excellent food and get a fantastic review in return.

Once the goods are delivered and received by the buyer, encourage them to click "Mark as completed" for confirmation. This notifies the system of the order being completed, and you will receive your payment within 7 to 10 days via Stripe.


It's imperative that the product remains fresh, healthy, and in top quality condition during transportation. We must prioritize health and safety for our community. Therefore, you must undertake all safety precautions while handling food and ensure safe delivery.

You can also use the shipping or a pick-up option on your listing. If suitable, you can also go for a third-party delivery service.

Health and Safety

Nothing is more vital than the safety of our community. We recommend arranging the meeting in a public, well-lit area and safe location if you're meeting someone in person. Create and share your meeting plan with a trusted friend or family member. Do not share unnecessary private or personal information unless you deem it safe.

You will need to familiarize yourself with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), insurance, and health and safety in your workspace. This is particularly crucial as you'll be working with food that others will buy and eat.

Are You Ready For Natasha's Law?

Natasha's Law will bring essential changes to food labelling regulations for England-based businesses working in the food industry as of October 2021.

Create a record/Log

Be alert, monitor, and register for product recall. Make sure to keep a record or logbook, like a list of supplies and ingredients for food preparation. Refer to industry or government pages for more information. Please follow them carefully.

Food and Safety Training

You must have had suitable food handling, safety, and hygiene training if you have stepped into the industry. It is a good idea to record of any training you or your staff has done (example).

You will then be able to show it to authorized officers if requested. We are happy to recommend some training courses (below).

For UK residents, as a general rule, food handlers should have training equivalent to level 2 in food safety and hygiene. There are FREE online training courses for businesses from

More Resources Available

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) offers support and guidance to established and new businesses to help address the challenges and COVID-19 pandemic.

Who We Work With

Check this space! Our business collaborators and partners would have something beneficial to you.

It is always good to give, and yes if you have something to offer to the community too, please get in touch with us :)


Coming Soon!

8pron's Services - Stay tuned!


Disclaimer: This page information is just a general guideline and information only. We are committed to maintaining the quality of information by updating it when necessary without notice.

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