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One year with 8pron

Our crowdfunding continues...

Thanks to your support, within 48 hours we had already managed to raise around £1,000. Every pound that is donated counts, and helps us to continue supporting everyone here at 8pron. This is in order to keep our small business going and growing, and the funds raised will go to important resources, and a percentage to charity, which will be needed to make our company more accessible to both buyers & sellers alike.

For more information and FAQs, or if you would like to contribute, check out our crowdfunding blog and Indiegogo page here:

We also have seven unique perks that we offer over on Indiegogo, as pictured below:

Other ways to help

Sharing our websites and posts through social media.

● Showing your friends and family.

Contributing to our crowdfunding.

Supporting small businesses on the 8pron website.

What our team has achieved so far

In just under one year, we have come so far with 8pron. What first started as solely a food marketplace where people could buy and sell, had soon expanded into different services and grew as a foodie community.

We now have a range of services from content creation for your website and/or social media, to macaron masterclasses with one of our amazing providers. We also introduced a messaging feature not too long ago, so foodies like yourself can communicate more efficiently with others on the platform.

We also have free online tools to boost our client’s competitive advantage and give them a better online presence in the digital market. There’s no need to have the technical knowledge and spend hundreds or thousands hiring someone to develop and maintain the website or app as they can be highly costly for smaller businesses. 8pron can support business owners in these areas, and they can focus on doing what they love.

Our project is always exciting to all of us here because we think it has a lot of potential and possibilities that it can offer, like how food brings people together. 8pron is constantly improving with new plans and written projects to draw up the milestones of achieving the dreams and objectives together as a team.

Looking ahead

As the weeks and months go by, we are hoping to grow even bigger. We would love to hire more people onto our team and give access to job opportunities for all kinds of creative minds.

We want to show that not only does 8pron aim to raise awareness for smaller businesses and communities, but also provide help, education, and creative outlets such as masterclasses, cookbooks, blog writing, graphic design, curation, and so much more for those who are interested in becoming a part of our foodie circle.

Our timeline

Our reviews

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