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Why work with 8pron

Updated: May 21, 2022

Running and maintaining a small business is undoubtedly challenging. Hence, we need the support of our friends, family, and our entire community.

One of the core reasons 8pron was established was to ensure that new and existing small businesses get the support they need. We wish to assist them in jumpstarting their branding, promoting their market idea, and testing their products. And that too with minimal cost!

One of the 8pron endeavours is to bring the whole food community on a single platform, giving everyone equal opportunity to succeed. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to unique creations that will tantalize their taste buds. Simultaneously, you can increase your knowledge about food and culture like never before!

There are multiple ways to work with 8pron. To promote yourself or/and support your fellow foodie, buy from your neighbour and fellow community.


How it works:

For Sellers

1) Customers order & pay for your product through STRIPE (Financial Service).

2) Accepts & prepare the meal, deliver to your customer.

3) Once the customer receives and confirms the order, the payout will be automatically processed.

Learn more with Partner Handbook

For Collaborators

Be a part, Take action, Give.

We believe in the act of giving, and no, we are not talking about money, and we encourage non-monetary currencies too.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Collaboration and partnership are often overlooked. Many are looking for investment and funds, yes they are important, but It is not always about them; and actually, it is really not!

Why is that? You may ask, so let us be creative.

  • Help each other do cross-promotional, shout out, give a review, etc...

  • Networking, referral, volunteer, etc..

  • Offer service, expertise, experience or advice or even time.

  • Offer any help

  • and more!

These are also the important keys factor to a successful project or businesses too.

When there's a will, there's a way - Talk to us!

Check out this too Who we are working with


Our Values

We are a growing community with great values. And we invite all users to join us! Together, we will achieve our goals and transform our dreams into reality. Indeed, the possibilities are limitless! - Click to learn more!

Here are more Gr8 values you will gain as our partner (provider):


What we are looking for in our partner (provider)

There are no strict eligibility criteria! We are pretty flexible in this regard. All we expect is for you to have passion, commitment, and willingness to work towards community good. If you share the same values as 8pron, you are welcome to become a part of us.

We received a lot of feedback from people when we built this platform. Using them, we have come up with some of the most common things they look for. Hence, these are the minimum standards of services expected by your community.

  • Passion for food! Able to provide unique and quality dishes.

  • Excellent customer service and a people person.

  • Willing to learn and be supportive to your community.

  • Respectful and be kind to one another.

  • Fully committed to health and safety for everyone, including yourself.

  • Abide by your local law, authority and regulations.

  • Commitment and consistency.

  • Be creative and have fun with your kitchen!

Your potential is limitless, and we intend to tap it all! Let's grow together as a community. . Join our forum!

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