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Home-made meals are healthier & tastier

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Why We Think So?

There are many reasons to cook delicious dishes at home; whether it’s baking your favourite dessert for the family, hosting a dinner party for your friends or simply creating something new just for you, there are many benefits that can accompany home-made meals. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a tasty takeaway now and again, especially after a long day. However, many people rely on ordering in or eating out almost every day, which can negatively impact both the body and the mind.

Good or Bad Ingredients?

Studies have shown that homemade has a higher rate of using more fresh ingredients than most regular takeaways and restaurant meals that typically contain higher amounts of sodium, saturated fat, calories, sugar and other processed additives. This is significantly more than carefully prepared meals in smaller numbers, especially home-cooked. By preparing your own meals, you have complete control over what ingredients you use.

If you think about it, homemade is not prepared in mass production and numbers or in a rush to make a quick profit. Do you wonder where smaller home-cooking businesses get their ingredients from? Higher chances are precisely how you would go to a local grocery store or fresh food market for your own.

One of Our Home-Cooks

Soukaina is a small business owner with a 5 star food hygiene rating and is a single mum (Superwoman) that brings magic into food from her own kitchen. The quality ingredients that she gets are from local fresh produced markets (not mass-produced components from manufacturers).

The artisan also hand picks some of the ingredients from the best local produce that she can find, even choosing more costlier and/or organic ingredients over cheaper options as she won't have any less quality in her cakes for both her daughter and the customers. It is the commitment that she makes for herself and everyone to choose healthier alternatives.

For more information about Soukaina and her tasty treats:

Food is Culture

There are thousands of dishes that we never knew existed. We are so used to what is provided to us like dining out and takeaways but don't forget, almost all food started from home first before being presented to restaurants. Most renown chefs will tell you that they get their inspiration from their culture, their home.

There are many online resources and physical books that aim to introduce people to different cultures and their traditional dishes. This is a great way to get others to experiment with flavours and ingredients as well as pick up new skills and knowledge!

Countries and one of their signature dishes:

  • Afghanistan: Kabuli Pulao

  • Brazil: Feijoada

  • Chile: Pastel de Choclo

  • China: Peking Duck

  • Denmark: Frikadeller

  • Hungary: Goulash

  • Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

  • Japan: Ramen

  • Malaysia: Nasi Lemak

  • Morocco: Tagine

  • South Korea: Kimchi

  • Russia: Pelmeni

  • Switzerland: Rösti

Why not try to make one of these? And If we missed anything on the list, share them below in the comments :)

Healthy body, healthy mind

Preparing healthy meals at home can support your immune system and reduce the risk of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It can also give you more energy, improve how you sleep at night, and help you better manage health problems.

As well as keeping you physically healthy, eating home-cooked meals can boost your mood and increase resilience toward stress, anxiety and depression in addition to enhancing your creativity by experimenting and trying something new. Cooking together is also a great way to bond and spend time with your loved ones. When your body feels healthier, you feel happier—inside and out.

Logic Food Reasoning (or Seasoning?)

  • Studies fact and quote that takeaway meals usually have between 1,100-1,200 calories and restaurants will be around 1,300 per meal, depending on your exercise level, this is around half of what your calorie intake in a day should be!

  • Mass production ingredients have higher rate of cross-contamination and product recalls.

  • The food itself is mass produced in a factory and then frozen. Then, some restaurants store this frozen food in in the freezers. Then the cooks reheat it rather than making it from scratch.

  • Factories add artificial and natural flavours to the food to make sure it all tastes the same. These flavours are manufactured in separate factories.

I don't believe it, I really don't...

  • Think about it: Why are macarons in supermarkets cheaper and last longer? Mostly, probably because they were made in a controlled environment and with pasteurised eggs.

Why home-made is by far underrated:

  • Most people don't cook at home nowadays.

  • People enjoy fast fixups and convenience. However, quality is made with love.

  • Do you remember your favourite dishes made by your parents?

  • People have forgotten; it's as simple as that.

"I remember a few occasions when I got my meal prepared by friend's family or random meal I bought from a small business. With that first bite, the feelings and the sense of warm memories just rushed in. I recalled the time I had those amazing meals when I was younger, and it was beautiful. It was prepared with so much love and authenticity. If there's an opportunity to go back to have that same wonderful meal again, YES, definitely." - David Tan

Choose home-made

Get your aprons on (or should we say 8prons) and get your creativity flowing! With so many options to pick and choose from, there's a recipe for everyone. Get your friends & family involved and learn something new. Don't stop being creative, go ahead try and explore; learn and share your culture with home-cooked food, it is the best way to connect with your friends and community.

Support Small Businesses

We are convinced by what we see, and with our experience, small food businesses are the closest things to home-made food. We bet you won't find TLC ingredients in big branches or giants. In 8pron, we want to be the advocates and champions for small businesses. as David said, "I can't count how many times I wanted to convince my mum to go back into the kitchen and sell her delicious Siu Mai (Dumplings). If I have to bring the world to convince my mum that her food is the best, I will".

Would you do the same when you believe in your loved ones?


If you know anybody that you think has the best home-made cooking, please let us know and comment below. We'd love to listen to your stories.

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