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Tasty Tofu - World Tofu Day

What is it?

Tofu Day is the world's time to celebrate everything tofu on the 26th July, and for the UK, it is normally celebrated on September 1st. Rich in protein, veggie-friendly, and a provider of many other health benefits, tofu is seen as one of the world's most versatile Asian foods. It is a plant-based alternative to meat that is manufactured from soybeans and can be cooked in many different ways and accompany lots of tasty dishes. It can even be a substitute for eggs when it's cooked in a certain way, this is because the texture can result in a very similar consistency.

The history

Tofu may seem like a newer addition to stores and supermarkets in the West, but it can actually be dated back all the way to 900 A.D. in Japan, where it is most popular and each province has its distinct way of producing tofu. It is a staple in many Asian countries. Tofu is actually translated to 'bean curd' in English and has several different names in the Chinese and Japanese languages. The term ‘tofu’ wasn’t coined until the 1800s when English translations of cookbooks began to appear.

(WORLD TOFU DAY - July 26, 2022 - National Today.

Dates tofu and 'National tofu day' came into play:

  • 179 B.C. During the Han Dynasty, China creates tofu as an affordable alternative for people who cannot afford meat.

  • 8th Century A.D. — During the Nara period, the Japanese adopt tofu and find the right technique to make them firmer and tastier.

  • 1803 — Tofu gains popularity in Japan when it becomes more widely accessible to people besides the rich.

  • 1975 “The Book of Tofu” is published, introducing tofu to the Western world and promoting vegetarianism and veganism.

  • 2014 — The Society for the Protection of Animals organizes World Tofu Day as a worldwide celebration.

Types of tofu

Did you know that there are actually many different types of tofu? Here are the main varieties:

  • Silken tofu — Silken tofu is custardy in texture, hasn’t been pressed and is used as a dairy alternative in puddings, pies, sauces, salad dressings, smoothies, ice-cream and can even be used as an egg, butter and cream replacement.

  • Soft tofu — Is fairly similar to silken but has been pressed lightly as a block. This type is a fan favourite when used in soup dishes like miso and/or ramen.

  • Regular/Firm tofu — Has been pressed for longer, holds its shape better but is still soft enough to be used for dishes such as scrambled tofu.

  • Extra-firm tofu — This is great for any dish where it requires dicing/slicing the tofu. It’s great for frying, baking, and grilling. This choice is the best when wanting a meat-free protein alternative.

What you can do on world tofu day

There are so many possibilities! Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Visit an Asian restaurant — Why not take your friends, family or even just yourself out to an Asian restaurant? There'll sure be at least a couple of tofu dishes for you to try, or you can search online for the perfect place where you know you'll be in for a tofu treat!

  • Make tofu yourself — What about taking it a step further and creating your own tofu? There are tons of online recipes where you can find out how to make different types of tofu suited to your preference.

  • Cook new dishesInvite some guests around and stir up some tofu! You could even have them help you create new recipes or host a cook-off to see which tofu dish tastes the best!

What is your favourite tofu dish? Let us know in the comments!


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